Dominò Orafa

Dominò Orafa is a goldsmith company based in Switzerland, specializing in handmade jewelry, founded by Naomi Dominò Dioli in 2014 (Orafa means goldsmith in italian).
The Atelier Dominò Orafa is not just a jewelry store, but it is the place where jewelry come to life.
In fact, in addition to the jewelry displayed in the windows, there is the goldsmith workshop where Naomi thinks, designs and creates together with her team the jewelry you see on this website.


Since its foundation has get noticed for its special attention to the customer, who can design together with Naomi the jewelry of their dreams.
Thanks to the many techniques learned over the years it is possible to make the jewelry from the simplest to the most complex.
Naomi will help you find the perfect design for your engagement ring, your wedding rings and any other jewelry that is a special gift for your loved one or for you.
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For Naomi, the importance of creating ethical jewelry was immediately clear. For this reason the Dominò Orafa jewelry are created exclusively with silver, gold, palladium and platinum certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).
The high standards of RJC take into account human rights, labor rights and environmental impact.


Gold is the main precious metal that is used in jewelry. Who creates jewelry with precious metals then takes the name of Goldsmith. At the beginning of her career, Naomi handcraft her creations using only yellow and white gold.
Over time he wanted to add red gold and platinum for the creation of her pieces, thus giving the possibility to its customers to choose between the colors yellow, white and red.
Continuing to experiment, she approached palladium, precious metal that is part of the platinum family, still not often used in jewelry, appreciating its hardness and its silvery color.
Some jewelry on which he has experimented for long time, are composed of iron, a metal that is not used in jewelry.
Naomi has been able to exploit it for its oxidation by combining it with gold, palladium and diamonds, for the magnificent contrast that creates their combination, giving life to the iconic Ferro Prezioso collection (it means Precious Iron in italian).

Naomi Dominò Dioli

Class 1988, immediately after the compulsory schools she studied computer science.
Over the years, however, she realized that she would have to look for a job that could give her what computer science could not: Creativity and handcraft work.
Discovering the goldsmith's profession was a love at first sight and she immediately realized that this would be the work of her life.
So in 2009 he sought and found a job to start the apprenticeship as a goldsmith, she graduating in 2013 obtaining the Swiss federal certificate as a goldsmith with excellent marks.
After a short period as an employee, he felt the need to start creating his own jewelry, turning cold sheets of precious metal, through his hands, into jewelry that are all small works of art, individually made one by one with passion, precision and creativity.

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