Blue sapphire ring

490 Fr

Pink sapphire ring

390 Fr

Pink sapphire ring

490 Fr

Hearts earrings with pink sapphires

290 Fr

Diamonds and pink sapphires ring black rhodium

3'000 Fr price from

Square earrings with emeralds

250 Fr

Long earrings with pearls

300 Fr

Rose sapphire ring

350 Fr

Sanded ribbon with akoya pearl pendant

360 Fr

Tahitian pearl earrings and oxidized silver

500 Fr

Tahitian pearl necklace and oxidized silver

1'150 Fr

Ring with citrine

640 Fr

Ring with drop chrome diopside

640 Fr

Wave necklace

1'450 Fr

Ring with peridot

640 Fr

Ring with heart shaped tourmaline

670 Fr

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