Heart keychain with fingerprint

Heart keychain with fingerprint Sterling silver


Silver Heart-shaped keychain with Sentiero structure and fingerprint.
Size approx. 3 x 2.5 cm.

Like all our jewelry, it is also possible to personalize the jewelry with fingerprints. For example by adding diamonds or other precious stones. On request also with other shapes, other structures or with more fingerprints.PRODUCT ID: 483


As with all our jewellery, it is possible to personalize the jewellery with fingerprints by adding diamonds or other precious stones. On request also with other shapes, other finishes or with more fingerprints.

Jewelry with fingerprint

These jewelry from the Fingerprints collection are truly unique because they are made with the fingerprint of your loved ones: For example with the fingerprint of your child or your partner.

They are perfect to be given for baptisms or for birth, to give to the new mother or to the newborn baby.

Other than the fingerprint, it is possible to create it with the imprint of your pet.

How to take fingerprints

To customize your jewelry with your fingerprint, simply send us a photo of your finger with the fingerprint.

  • Online: If you make the purchase online, after payment, you will receive a detailed email with instructions on how to send us the necessary fingerprint photos. We will also provide an example to guide you through the process.
  • In-store: If you prefer to visit the jewelry store in person, we will be happy to directly capture your fingerprints.

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In this jewelry you can add a free personalized engraving.

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Ring sizes

Internal circumference (mm) Italy USA UK Internal diameter
41 1 D 13 – 13,2
42 2 2 E 13,5 – 13,6
43 3 2,5 F 13,7 - 13,9
44 4 3 14 - 14,1
45 5 G 14,2 - 14,4
46 6 H 14,5 - 14,7
47 7 4 14,8 - 15,1
48 8 4,5 15,2 - 15,4
49 9 15,5 - 15,7
50 10 K 15,8 - 16
51 11 L 16,1 - 16,3
52 12 6 M 16,4 - 16,6
53 13 16,7 - 17
54 14 17,1 - 17,3
55 15 7 17,4 - 17,6
56 16 7,5 P 17,7 - 17,9
57 17 8 Q 18 - 18,2
58 18 R 18,3 - 18,6
59 19 18,7 - 18,9
60 20 9 19 - 19,2
61 21 9,5 T 19,3 - 19,5
62 22 10 U 19,6 - 19,8
63 23 10¼ V 19,9 - 20,1
64 24 10¾ 20,2 - 20,5
65 25 11 20,6 - 20,8
66 26 11½ 20,9 - 21,1
67 27 11¾ Y 21,2 - 21,5
68 28 12¼ Z 21,6 - 21,8
69 29 12½ 21,9 - 22,1
70 30 13 22,2 - 22,4
71 31 13¼ 22,5 - 22,7
72 32 13½ 3 22,8 – 23
73 33 14 4 23,1 – 23,3
74 34 14½ 5 23,5 – 23,7
75 35 15 6 23,8 – 24
76 36 15¼ 24,1 – 24,3

Bracelet sizes

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What does "approx." mean?

Approximately indicates an approximation. 

Diamonds of large carat weight may vary slightly in weight. For example, a diamond of approximately 2 carats can weigh between 2 and 2.1 carats, while a diamond of approximately 3 carats can weigh between 3 and 3.1 carats, and so on. But it will never weigh less than the chosen carat weight. 

The exact weight with which your jewel will be created will be specified in the final receipt. For diamonds weighing more than 1 carat, a GIA, IGI, or HRD certificate will also be provided. 

If you have specific preferences for a diamond, please contact us, and we will do our best to find one that meets or closely matches your requirements.

Info diamonds

Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Created Diamonds: What's the Difference?

If you're searching for the perfect diamond, it's essential to understand the differences between natural diamonds and lab-created ones. Both are stunning and dazzling, but they result from very different processes.

Both are available in numerous cuts: round brilliant, princess, oval, marquise, heart, emerald, trilliant, asscher, pear, and cushion.

Both types of diamonds come in a variety of colors: colorless, brown, cognac, black, pink, blue, green, yellow and gray.

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are composed of carbon and form deep within the Earth's crust, typically at depths of at least 100 - 300 km below the surface, through geological processes that take millions of years. These diamonds are extracted from mines and represent a part of our planet's natural beauty.

Lab-Created Diamonds: The Science of Elegance

Lab-created diamonds are also made of carbon. Unlike natural diamonds, which are mined, they are produced using advanced technologies that replicate geological conditions in a controlled manner.

Which One to Choose?

The choice between a natural diamond and a lab-created one depends on your personal preferences. Natural diamonds carry a unique geological history and a sense of connection with nature. On the other hand, lab-created diamonds offer an ethical choice and a lower cost.

Regardless of your choice, both natural and lab-created diamonds symbolize beauty and lasting love. In the end, the decision is yours, and our team is here to help you find the perfect diamond for your special occasion.

We take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality natural and lab-created diamonds, ensuring that your jewelry will shine for generations to come.

What diamonds do we use for our jewelry?

For the crafting of our jewelry, we employ both diamonds extracted from mines and diamonds synthesized in a laboratory.

If the jewelry contains a laboratory-grown diamond, this information will be clearly indicated with the label "lab-grown diamond".

In cases where no specific information is provided, it should be understood that the diamonds are sourced mined diamonds.

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