Diamonds Spheres collier

1'690 Fr

Love Frammenti pendant

650 Fr

Black diamonds necklace

455 Fr

Rectangular pendant with diamonds

640 Fr

Circular Sentiero pendant with diamonds

1'910 Fr

Mini Heart pendant

100 Fr

Long hoop link necklace

3'890 Fr

Four-leaf clover with diamonds

1'970 Fr

Black diamonds and gold necklace

1'840 Fr

Long necklace, Fantasy elements and tahitian pearls

1'700 Fr

Fantasy elements necklace

740 Fr

Four-leaf clover with diamonds

4'970 Fr

Circular pendant Oceano finishing

1'260 Fr

Frammenti necklace with diamond

1'980 Fr

Sanded Frammenti pendant with pearl

580 Fr

Long Frammenti pendant

710 Fr

Rigid choker with Frammenti pendant

3'690 Fr

Silver and gold Frammenti pendant

370 Fr

Cognac diamond and yellow gold pendant

530 Fr