Custom jewelry

In addition to the purchase of our handmade jewelry, which you can see displayed in the atelier windows and at the online shop, it is possible to create personalized jewelry.
Whether it is a jewelry for a gift for a special person, or for yourself, we will create it in the workshop of the Dominò Orafa atelier, tailored according to your wishes.

Creation of: Wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, pins, keychains, tie clips, cufflinks, money clips and piercings.
For the creation of your jewelry we use only precious stones and metals:
Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds ... and 18 kt gold (red, white and yellow), 950 platinum, 950 palladium and 925 silver.

Contact us to make an appointment with the goldsmith and designer Naomi Dominò Dioli and design with her the jewelry of your dreams.

Jewelry with fingerprints

The jewelry of the Fingerprints collection are truly unique because they are made with the fingerprint of your loved ones, for example with the fingerprint of your child or partner. They are perfect to be given even at baptisms or for birth, to give as a gift to the new mother or to the baby or the new born baby.
In addition to the fingerprint, we can also make them with the imprint of your 4-legged friend.
Fingerprint jewelry can be purchased online or in the atelier:

  • Online: if you choose to buy the jewelry with fingerprints online, we will send you the kit with the instructions to take the fingerprint, which must then be sent back to the atelier.
  • In the atelier: you can come directly to the atelier, we will be happy to take your fingerprint.

Ring size

Sometimes it can happen that a ring is wide or narrow, at the Dominò Orafa atelier it is possible to enlarge or tighten rings.
In this case I invite you to come to the atelier in order to take your measurement and understand if it is possible to change the size of your ring.


Where possible, we can engrave inside rings or on other jewelry. The engraving is free of charge when purchasing a new Dominò Orafa jewelry. You can choose between two ways:

To use your own calligraphy just send a photo of the writing via email or message, or write it on a sheet in the atelier. We will copy your calligraphy on your jewelry

It is also possible to engrave jewelry already in your possession.

Repairs and restoration of jewelry

Bring your jewelry broken or in need of restoration, in the atelier. We will look at the jewelry together and, if possible, repair them.
To make your jewelry come back almost as new, we can: polish them, rhodium them, check and fix the stones settings.
We are also specialized in threading your necklace of stones and pearls with silk thread and knots, or with a steel cable.

Creating jewelry with your stones and pearls

You can create a beautiful new jewelry with your pearls or precious stones. If they are mounted on jewelry, we will take care to disassemble them to use them in a new necklace, made according to your wishes.

Modification of your jewelry

Sometimes it can happen to love your jewelry but want to make changes.
Make an appointment in the atelier, we will discuss together the change you would like to make. For example, we can add diamonds or other precious stones to your wedding ring, or change the structure of your ring, for example from polished to sandblasted.

Shopping in the store

The atelier is the welcoming and relaxed place to choose the perfect jewelry for your special occasion: whether it's a gift for yourself, or an engagement ring, a gift for a baptism or for a birthday.
Let yourself be inspired by our beautiful jewelry displayed in the windows, we will listen to your requests, answer your questions and help you in this important choice.

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Online shopping

The safe and practical place to shop comfortably from your home. A wide choice of more than 1000 jewelry, with and without precious stones, pearls and diamonds, in all precious metals.
On many jewelry it is also possible to make a personalized engraving, which we offer for free when purchasing a new jewelry.
You are important to us and we will be happy to help you by answering any of your questions.
For any information our team is always at your disposal.

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Precious stones

In addition to designing the jewelry, you can carefully choose the precious stone you are looking for.
We will discuss the creation of your jewelry together, after I will look for the precious stones we have discussed, carefully chosen according to your wishes, from the shape, size and your budget.
Once the stones are in the atelier, you can come and choose the perfect stone with which we will then create your jewelry.

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For a personalized creation it is necessary to speak with Naomi Dominò.
Make an appointment to talk about it.

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